Ro Collection is a Danish design company deeply rooted in the love of craftsmanship, quality and tranquility.
Ro is the contrast to the fast and constantly changing world we live in.

Ro believes in quality and materials, which only become more beatiful with time.
Created in respect of our world and the products we have chosen to place in it.
Ro is the danish word for serenity, calmness and peace of mind

Rebecca Uth, the creative director of Ro, and a designer herself, collaborates with the other designers who contribute to the collection. Ro creates objects of art, craft, design, and materials, in a professional and sensual manner. All of Ro’s objects are born as a constructive dialogue between the curator and designer, and the collection includes both commercial design products and unique art objects.

“The human being is the focal point of everything I do. I want to seduce, wonder and change people through objects. To me, design must relate to the body and soul and must be felt, tasted and seen – sometimes unexplained and on an inaccessible level, sometimes just an everyday wonder.”
Rebecca Uth

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